Tips for Alfred hotkey

I love Alfred. It's awesome. Of course, I'm a Mega Supporter. :)

I use Alfred to manage almost all of my hotkeys, especially those must be done by KeyRemap4MacBook.

But there're conflicts with different hotkey:
  • Case1: Suppose you have a hotkey ⌘+E to trigger an applescript. And the applescript will send ⇧+E. Then when you press ⌘+E and release ⌘ little slow. The applescript actually send ⇧+E, but you system receive the ⌘+⇧+E. Terrible.
  • Case 2: My Alfred hotkey is double tap ⌘ (Command). I have other hotkeys to toggle App, such as ⌘+⇧+E to toggle Finder. But when I press ⌘+⇧+E, sometimes the Alfred appear. 
It's really terrible and annoying. 

Until I find the post:

There are three options:
  1. Simulate modifier keys released
  2. Wait until modifier keys are released
  3. Pass through modifier keys (Fastest)
The first one is default. It means that Alfred will simulate you already release modifier keys, but the system still receive the modifier signal. 

The second one means wait until you actually release the modifier. It can avoid potential conflict for my case 1, but it trigger you action very slow.

The third one means that the action will happen when you press the whole hotkey even if you haven't release any key, especially the modifier key. The option is useful for my case 2.


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